Hoshi in a relationship with his manager: this famous singer who allowed them to meet

Saturday June 3, 2023, Hoshi was a guest on Bernard Montiel’s show on RFM. During this, the 26-year-old singer spoke of her meeting with her partner, Gia Martinelli, thanks to a famous singer.

A meeting that turned his life upside down… For seven years, Hoshi has shared the life of his manager, Gia Martinelli. Saturday June 3, 2023, on Bernard Montiel’s show on RFM, the singer revealed that she had met her partner thanks to a famous singer: Jennifer Ayache, star of the group Superbus. “She introduced us both and we never let go“, she confided, before slipping that it had then slipped to him with humor: “On your wedding day, I better be your best man.“Since then, Gia Martinelli has become the singer’s manager. In December 2021, on the show All the women in our livesbroadcast on W9, Hoshi had assured that his companion had “changed his life.

With emotion, the 26-year-old singer said: “We live together, we work together. She manages my career. She embellishes my life, so of course, it’s my life and her name is Gia. People should know that I can sing every night and be happy because of her. My life took on meaning the day I met her.“Referring to their meeting, Hoshi had already revealed:”I met Gia via the Superbus singer who is a very close friend and it was love at first sight. Before Gia, all my relationships were pointless. It was beautiful, simple, it was the continuation of me. There was something missing in my life, it was her.Referring to their collaboration, she added:I needed a real manager, someone who is there with me all the time. I needed someone to support me and cheer me up because this Ménière’s disease is not easy to live with on a daily basis. She plays her role perfectly and took me further than where I wanted to go.

Gia Martinelli is Hoshi’s first fan

On her social networks, the singer’s companion continues to highlight her talent and loudly proclaims her admiration for her. On March 18, 2023, on Instagram, she wrote: “I am so lucky to work with such a great artist!“In September 2021, on the occasion of Hoshi’s birthday, Gia Martinelli had already shared a message to the one she calls”My love.“In the caption of a photo, she had written:”25 years… You are still so young and yet you are already doing great things. I’m proud of you. This day is yours.

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