Hoshi without her unavoidable bun: she shows her hair down, and it’s rare!

The two singers have shared their lives for at least four years. Their first appearance together dates back to November 2018, on the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards. At the time, Hoshi had not yet come out and had not really appreciated seeing journalists forcing her to do so, she who in concert requires open-mindedness and love of the other instead of the insults she suffers on a daily basis.

In any case, their story is now very official, since the two young women work together : Gia Martinelli, who also sings, takes care of the management of her companion, as she had mentioned in a program. “We live together, we work together. She manages my career. She embellishes my life, so of course it’s my life and her name is Gia. People should know that I can sing every night and be happy because of her.”she said.

A woman important to Hoshi who is faced with serious health concerns : Affected by Menière’s disease, she suffers from hearing loss and violent tinnitus, arriving in crisis and affecting her regularly. A difficult ordeal for a singer, but which she had mentioned on the show It’s up to you : “I had lost 28% of hearing until I signed my album. After that it was better and during the tour, I redid a test, I am at 40% of hearing lost. And more, I was discovered Meniere’s disease and that’s a really daily battle because again this morning, I got up, I had dizziness because of the inner ear“, she had described.

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