Hostage-taking in the 12th arrondissement of Paris: the madman freed one of the hostages

A hostage-taking is currently underway on Monday, December 20, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, “in a hardware store”. The maniac, who was holding two hostages, freed one of the two women. Negotiations are still ongoing with the BRI which is located there.

The 56-year-old man – in possession of a bladed weapon – is currently holed up in a small business, located at 21 rue d’Aligre in the 12th arrondissement.

According to the same source, the facts would have started at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon and were reported to the police, after a call for police.

“Known for his psychiatric disorders”, the madman would ask to “speak to a representative of justice” and more particularly “to the Minister of Justice [Eric Dupond-Moretti, ndlr]”, While negotiations conducted by agents of the Research and Invention Brigade (BRI), currently on site, have already started.

Informed of this request, the Minister of Justice “obviously informed the negotiators that he was at their disposal”, according to the minister’s entourage.

Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy mayor of Paris, for his part confirmed the facts, announcing “to go there”. While the Paris Police Prefecture (PP) asks in a press release “to avoid the sector”, while its staff “intervene in the Aligre sector […] for a presumption of hostage-taking ”. “A security perimeter has been established,” adds the PP.

This Monday evening, the various accesses to rue d’Aligre were still blocked by police officers and the perimeter was also secured by soldiers from the Sentinel force deployed as part of the Vipirate plan, according to the findings of journalists on the spot.

In parallel, an investigation was opened in particular of the head of “sequestration”. The investigations were entrusted to the police station of the 12th arrondissement. According to the first elements of the investigation, two people would always be “retained against their will within this trade”.

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