Hot and healthy – which mustard goes with which dish?

Mustard is a real classic. Hardly a sausage can get away without mustard in Austria, no pickled gherkin is pickled without mustard seeds and the Leberkäse would also be only half as good without mustard. You can find out which mustard goes with which dish here.

The mustard seed has been a valued condiment for centuries. Not only does it give food that certain something, but it also promotes digestion, blood circulation and general well-being after a meal. Those who like to use mustard can count themselves lucky! Hardly any other condiment is as low in calories, healthy and at the same time as tasty as mustard.

Which mustard goes with what? We have summarized the most popular varieties and included some product recommendations:

Estragon mustard

This mustard is made from a carefully balanced mixture of yellow and brown mustard seeds. The addition of spirit vinegar gives the mustard a balanced acidity. Tarragon mustard goes well with meat and fish dishes, sauces and marinades.

Mautner Markhof tarragon mustard

12 x 200 g
Price: 19.01 €
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Kremser mustard

This is considered to be the most popular mustard among Austrians. For this purpose, the mustard seeds are only roughly crushed and processed with spices to make the typically sweet and piquant mustard. It goes well with grilled meat and sausages.

Mautner Markhof Kremser Mustard

200 g
€ 3.89
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Sweet mustard

Sweet mustard, also called Bavarian or white sausage mustard, consists of coarsely ground, partially roasted mustard seeds and is enriched with sugar, sweetener or applesauce. It goes well with white sausages and meat loaf!

Händlmaier sweet mustard

8 x 225 ml
€ 12.25
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French Dijon Sef

This type of mustard can be heated very well and is very suitable for enriching sauces, for example for the classic mustard sauce. But it also goes very well in salad dressings or dips!

By the way: Dijon mustard from after the European Code of Practice amade from brown or black mustard seeds!

Mautner Markhof Dijon mustard


4.90 €
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English mustard

Warning: hot! English mustard is made from the flour of white and black mustard seeds, some variants are refined with spices. It goes perfectly with all types of grilled and fried meat, as well as sausages, minced meat, but also as an ingredient for spreads and sauces.

Colmans of Norwich Original English Mustard

170 g
€ 9.34
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American mustard

Last but not least, we make a detour overseas: the bright yellow mustard, which often ends up on burgers, usually gets its color from the addition of turmeric. Vinegar is also one of the main ingredients. However, American mustard is rather sweet and not very hot. enjoy the meal!

Hellmann’s American Style Yellow Mustard

260 g
€ 13.05
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