“Hot Ones”: when Kyan Khojandi asks his guests to ingest hot sauces

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10:51 a.m., April 18, 2022


A very spicy and even spicy program is coming to Canal+. The encrypted channel will offer the new talk show every Tuesday evening Hot Ones, a Studio Bagel show inspired by an American show of the same name. The principle is simple: guests answer questions while ingesting increasingly spicy sauces, and even very spicy ones. With each question (there are ten in total), the potency of the sauces increases on the Scoville scale that ranks peppers, from zero to one million. The famous million dollar sauce, which is therefore the hottest in the world, is called Apocal X, and it is offered to the guests for the tenth question.

Chilli lets guests relax

This new program is presented by actor and comedian Kyan Khojandi. At the microphone of Europe 1, he explains the interest of pepper in these funny interviews. “Chilli is hot, it can cause pain in the tongue, but it’s bearable pain. The human body is actually very well made because once you have pain, the brain sends endorphins It’s the drug we have after sport, the drug of relaxation”, explains the actor. “Suddenly, we are a little relaxed, drunk. And that’s where the concept is very strong, because we manage to bring the guests into a kind of relaxation where they are not used to being. and start to indulge themselves”, continues the comedian.

For the first episode, Kyan Khojandi cooked his friend Jonathan Cohen who sometimes had trouble supporting the fire that lit in his mouth. “My mouth is full of drool because the fire has to be extinguished, so it secretes water itself”, struggles to assert “JoCo” after having tasted one of these peppers.

“Chilli is an addiction, I eat it very often”

It is important to clarify that Kyan Khojandi eats whatever his guest eats. And what is striking is that unlike his host, he doesn’t seem to suffer so much as the sauces increase in intensity. “I was lucky to eat spicy food, to be a little Iranian. I always ate spicy. It’s an addiction to chili peppers, I eat them very often”, indicates the comedian who reveals why it also supports peppers well. However, he wants to qualify: “In the show, questions 8, 9 and 10 where the sauces are very strong, I’m not well. My eyes are red, I’m crying!”

The talk show Hot Ones will consist of eight 26-minute episodes. The first part with Jonathan Cohen is already available on YouTube and MyCanal. In the next issue, Kyan Khojandi will offer his spicy sauces to Monsieur Poulpe. The program is broadcast every Tuesday evening from 11:50 p.m. on Canal+.

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