Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged will come to burn the rubber on October 19, 2023

First and essential question: how many racing cars will we be able to drive? Milestone leaves us spoiled for choice with no less than 130 vehicles Hot Wheels to take to the track, including two new types of minifigures: quads and motorbikes. The environments will not be outdone with five different biomes, each sporting a unique coating affecting our driving. Obstacles will occasionally stand in our way. Beware of dust bunnies… Plaion remains very lacking in detail on this content, but the trailer below (as well as a large gallery-showroom) gives a first overview of these new features.

Big things

Once on the track, two new features will spice up the races: the jump and the side dash. The first is… fairly self-explanatory. With a button, you can jump like a goat to dodge an obstacle, discover the joys of off-roading or explore a secret shortcut. The side dash will allow us to hit our opponents to force them out of the way. It is more Hot Wheelsit’s motorball at the Gunnm here. Milestone assures you that these never-before-seen abilities will make you “masters of [votre] fate“, just that, and maybe they will also make you coffee so much that they are awesome.

Joking aside, these gameplay innovations can be mastered in the story-driven campaign a la “engaging storytelling” (let’s admit) interspersed with animated sequences following the journey of four main characters, making us live a “truly unforgettable moment” (oh yes anyway). Once the basics of arcade piloting have been acquired in solo, it will be high time to rub shoulders with your competitors around the world in the online modes, which are still vague. to teach (to “how to master the art of skidding in order to avoid accidents with reactivity and precision“. What we do know, however, is that friend groups and crossplay will make their long-awaited appearance. Locally, Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 – Turbocharged will be satisfied with the bare necessities with a split screen with a maximum of two players.

Finally, aficionados of the first Hot Wheels Unleashed will be able to return to the garage to edit their vehicle in all directions. Stickers, paints, complete liveries, pre-sets to share… We will also be able to put on our amateur architect cap with the circuit editor, which will integrate all the new features of the game to give free rein to our creativity. You should also know that the community shared 400,000 unique circuits and more than a million customized vehicles in the first episode, which is saying something…

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