Hot Wheels Unleashed surpasses 2 million sales

Released in September 2021, Hot Wheels Unleashed achieves a small exploit for the license. Indeed, Milestone and Mattel have just shared some figures concerning their title, and the least we can say is that success is there.

Hot Wheels has one of the most engaged and passionate fanbases of any brand in the world. We’re proud that Mattel trusted us to bring the brand to life through Hot Wheels Unleashed and are thrilled with the consumer response..

Luisa Bixio – CEO of Milestone

In less than two years, the title has sold more than 2 million copies and counts nearly 8 million players worldwide, including the Xbox Game Pass as well as the PlayStation Plus Collection. It must be said that in addition to its arcade style, the game was able to seduce with its livery and circuit editor. To date, nearly 350,000 original tracks have been designed by players.

Hot Wheels Unleashed in numbers

A commercial success that proves not only that the license Hot Wheels still has an audience, but also that it still has a bright future ahead of it.

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