House of Money: First pictures announce an action-packed finale

House of money
The first pictures announce an action-packed finale

Lisbon, Palermo, Denver and Manila in the fifth season of “House of Money”.


Netflix has published the first pictures for the fifth and final season of “House of Money”, which promise a heated finale.

The story of the successful Spanish series “House of Money” ends with the fifth season. The streaming service Netflix now has the first pictures published for the grand finale. Not only does the band of robbers of the “professor” (Álvaro Morte, 46) fight with all means, the head of the group is also exposed to a threat.

“The gang has been locked in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours. They managed to save Lisbon, but their darkest moment is ahead after losing one of their people,” read a first description of season five. The professor is captured by Sierra and for the first time has no escape plan. Just when it looks like nothing can go wrong, there is an enemy at the door who is much more powerful than everyone else: the army. “The end of the greatest robbery in history is approaching, and what started as robbery is turning into war.”

A remake of “La Casa de Papel” is planned

The series will come to an end in two stages. It starts with the first five episodes on September 3, 2021. From December 3, the five final episodes of the fifth season will appear. Although the Spanish series will find its finale, Netflix customers won’t have to do without nerve-wracking heist action. As the company announced at the end of 2020, it is working on a South Korean remake of “La Casa de Papel”, the original Spanish title of “House of Money”.