“House of Money”: The most important information before the start of season 5

The hit series “Haus des Geldes” starts its fifth and final season on September 3rd. Here are the most important facts again.

The end of season four of the Spanish Netflix series “House of Money” once again raised a lot of questions. The new and final episodes, which will be available on the streaming service from September 3, 2021, are eagerly awaited. Anyone who is no longer aware of the events from the first four seasons will find a review with the highlights here – and an outlook on the most burning questions about the fifth and last season.

Warning, the following passages contain massive spoilers from the first four seasons of “House of Money”!

The most important facts from seasons 1 and 2

The plot begins with a mysterious professor (Álvaro Morte, 46) who is looking for eight criminal specialists to carry out the biggest robbery in the history of Spain. The plan: a break-in in the Spanish banknote printing plant and a booty of 2.4 billion euros. In order to protect everyone’s identity, those involved are given city names.

So that the gang can print the planned amount, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó, 32), Rio (Miguel Herrán, 25), Nairobi (Alba Flores, 34), Moscow (Paco Tous, 57), Berlin (Pedro Alonso, 50) , Denver (Jaime Lorente, 29), Helsinki (Darko Peric, 44) and Oslo (Roberto Garcìa, 47) for eleven days of access to the print shop. Among them: about 67 hostages.

The professor is directing the attack from a hall that is only a few meters away from the scene of the attack. In doing so, he outwits the police and falls – unplanned – in love with the chief inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño, 45). Since he disguises himself to her as a normal citizen, Murillo also falls in love with the criminal mastermind. Not knowing that she is starting a relationship with the head of the gang, she lets him participate in her private life.

It seems unlikely that an attack of this size will go off without a hitch. Violations of the rules by the hostages and unforeseen actions on the part of the police caused three of the professor’s crew members to lose their lives: Moscow, Oslo and, in the grand finale, Berlin.

In addition, Denver begins an affair with Mónica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo, 38), a hostage. The two fall in love and she becomes part of the gang. In the end, the police manage to break into the print shop before the gang’s eleven planned days are over. Nevertheless, the survivors manage to escape unscathed through a self-dug tunnel with a whopping 984 million euros.

A leap in time of one year follows. All of the survivors fled to different countries and continents with their money. The inspector has quit her job and is still sticking to her feelings for the professor. He left her clues about his location. She flies to him and thus gives up her life in Madrid.

Season 3: Rio’s kidnapping and the break-in of the Bank of Spain

Two years have passed since the attack. Tokyo and Rio have meanwhile moved away to an island in Guna Yala, Panama, and are living out an intimate love affair. But Tokyo longs for a change and leaves the island. To maintain contact, she and Rio are on a satellite phone. As a result, she locates the Spanish police who have been looking for the bank robbers for years. The result: Rio is kidnapped and brutally tortured for several months in order to reveal the locations of his accomplices.

Tokyo immediately alerts the professor, who then gathers the entire gang together. New in the group: Stockholm alias Mónica Gaztambide, who married Denver and had a son, Lisbon alias Inspector Raquel Murillo and Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna, 45), an old friend of the professor and his late brother Berlin.

Together, the group works out a plan to save Rio. A break-in into the Bank of Spain is planned, in which the crew is not aiming for the money, but for the gold stored in a special safe. They also want to make the public aware of Rio’s condition so that they can negotiate his release with the police.

While Tokyo, Nairobi, Helsinki, Denver, Stockholm and Palermo go to the bank, the professor and Lisbon lead the robbery from a mobile home. The advantage: As a former inspector, Lisbon knows what makes the police tick. Meanwhile, Palermo takes the helm in the bank. Again, numerous hostages are involved.

At first everything seems to be going according to plan: The robbers get the gold, Rio is freed and goes to the bank unharmed – and back to Tokyo. But only a little later the situation got out of hand. The professor and Lisbon are discovered by the police and flee. Lisbon fails, however, and is caught. A staged execution leads the professor to believe that the police shot Lisbon.

Meanwhile, in the bank, Nairobi is outwitted and seriously injured by a sniper. While everyone else is worried for their lives, the police are planning to storm the bank. Rio and Tokyo are preventing this by opening fire on the police. The end? The prospects for Nairobi to come through seem poor. The professor remains in the belief that Lisbon is dead. “And that is how the war began,” ended the last episode of the third part in Tokyo’s voice.

Season 4 has a dramatic ending

And Tokyo keeps its word: the bank robbers open war on the police while a few of them try to save the life of Nairobi. Thanks to the telephone connection to a surgeon, the operation succeeds.

After a dispute, Palermo has to hand over command to Tokyo. Lisbon, believed dead by the professor, is being interrogated by the police and blackmailed by the pregnant inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri, 49), who has been in charge since season 4, with the arrest of her mother and daughter. The professor manages to escape from the officials and return to the base. Together with a new accomplice, he puts one of the police officers under pressure and learns that Lisbon is still alive. A complicated liberation action follows.

Meanwhile, in the bank, the robbers have to deal with the security chief Gandía (José Manuel Poga, 41), who is one of the hostages. After he frees himself, he turns the entire attack on its head. He kidnaps the ailing Nairobi, who has been in a wheelchair since the operation, and keeps her prisoner in one of the washrooms. The protagonists try to free their friend, whereupon Gandía suddenly shoots Nairobi – a shock for the bank robbers. Denver, Tokyo and the others finally manage to fix Gandía.

In addition, the professor succeeds once more in outsmarting the police and promoting Lisbon to their accomplices in the bank. However, the season ends with Sierra tracking down the professor in his control room and threatening him with a gun …

These questions are open before the grand finale

The most burning questions that the fifth and final season of the hit series has to answer include: Will the bank robbers get over the death of Nairobi? What is the gang going to do with Gandía after he kills her friend? Will the professor be able to free himself from Sierra’s clutches? And of course the two all-important questions: will the robbery succeed and what will happen to the protagonists afterwards?

The furious trailer for part 5 promises action, tension, brutal fights and an emotional finale.