House of Representatives votes for: Majority in House of Representatives for Trump impeachment


House of Representatives votes for it
Majority in House of Representatives for Trump impeachment

The US House of Representatives sees the responsibility for the storm on the Capitol with Donald Trump. The US president is said to have instigated the riot. In a vote, the MPs decide to reopen impeachment proceedings against him.

The majority of the US House of Representatives has voted for impeachment proceedings against the incumbent US President Donald Trump. Trump is accused in the indictment of "inciting a riot" in connection with the storming of the Capitol by radical Trump supporters. A majority was already considered certain before the vote. The Democrats have the necessary simple majority in the House of Representatives.

Ten MPs from Trump's Republicans also voted for the impeachment. Trump is the first president in US history against whom two impeachment proceedings have been initiated. The first about a year ago it was about the Ukraine affair.

The impeachment charge against Trump must be forwarded to the Senate in a next step. A two-thirds majority would be necessary for a conviction. It is highly unlikely that the House of Lords proceedings can begin, let alone be completed, before the end of Trump's term on Wednesday next week. The Senate has a break until next Tuesday, and the outgoing Conservative majority leader Mitch McConnell apparently does not want the House of Lords to convene a special session beforehand.

The Democrats are striving to condemn Trump even after he has left the White House – also because he could then be excluded from public office in the future and a new presidential candidacy in 2024.