House of the Dragon: Episode 2 explained – Daemon’s plan, the new queen and the crab pirate mad

The Stepping Stones, Daemon’s Plan, Viserys’ New Wife

“House of the Dragon” episode 2 continues to work on the intrigues at the royal court. We see Daemon’s latest plan to provoke the Small Council and Viserys, we learn who will be the king’s new wife and we get a glimpse of the insane crab pirate.

House of the Dragon: Laena Velaryon offers herself as a new wife for Viserys.

House of the Dragon: Laena Velaryon offers herself as a new wife for Viserys. (Source: Ollie Upton / HBO)

  • “House of the Dragon” takes it easy in the second episode, but establishes new conflicts.
  • So Daemon tries to challenge his brother in a special way, Otto Hohenturm’s secret plan works and Rhaenyra is deceived.

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Six months have passed between the events of the series premiere and the second episode of House of the Dragon. King Viserys is slowly being urged by the small council to choose a new wife, but Viserys is still in deep mourning for his wife Aemma.

Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen see an opportunity. They propose to Viserys that he should marry their daughter Laena to strengthen House Targaryen and thus stop the attacks on the Stepping Stones. But Viserys resists, after all, Laena is only 12 years old.

Meanwhile, Daemon Targaryen continues to cause trouble. The king’s brother has captured Drachenstein, stolen a dragon egg and announced that he wants to take the prostitute Mysaria as his second wife since she is expecting a child. Otto Hohenturm rides to Drachenstein with the Kingsguard to bring him to his senses.

But they don’t dare attack because they fear Daemon’s dragon Caraxes. Rhaenyra arrives on Syrax and resolves the situation without bloodshed. Her uncle doesn’t dare attack his beloved niece. It also turns out that Mysaria is not pregnant at all and also knows nothing about her marriage. She clarifies that she has no interest in becoming Daemon’s property.

Meanwhile, Viserys announces that he will marry Alicent Hightower. He not only upsets Corlys Velaryon, but also Rhaenyra, who had no idea that her best friend was secretly seeing her father. So Otto’s plan to make his daughter queen works. The fact that Alicent is the same age as his teenage daughter probably doesn’t bother him that much.

But Corlys reacts promptly. He secretly meets with Daemon and tries to convince him to fight the shrimp feeder Craghas Drahar in the stepping stones to make a mark. In this way he could prove his added value for the royal family to his brother and the people.

The crab feeder got its name because it pins its enemies to banks and feeds them to the crabs. He wears a curious mask to hide his burned face. He is the Admiral of the Triarchy, the army of the Free Cities.

Expected in Episode 3 and then probably the fight between the Crab Feeder and Daemon Targaryen. On September 5, 2022 you will see the next episode of “House of the Dragon” on Wow and Sky Atlantic.

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