House of the Dragon: Long Foreplay – Sex scene between Rhaenyra and Kriston was prepared 7 months


“House of the Dragon” and “Game of Thrones” don’t exist without sex. The actors took seven months to prepare for the act between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Kriston Kraut.

"House of the Dragon": Rhaenyra Targaryen and Kriston Kraut in the Princess' bedchamber.

“House of the Dragon”: Rhaenyra Targaryen and Kriston Kraut in the Princess’ bedchamber. (Source: HBO)

  • In the fourth episode “House of the Dragon”, Rhaenyra Targaryen loses her virginity to Kirston Kraut.
  • It takes seven months to properly prepare the sex scene.
  • Kriston actor Fabien Frankel wanted to create the most realistic and respectful situation possible for the characters.

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In order to present sex in films and series in the best possible way, it requires a great deal of sensitivity. For the scene between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Kriston Kraut in the fourth episode “House of the Dragon”, the actors took seven months before the princess and her knight made love on camera.

According to Kriston actor Fabien Frankel, the aim was to portray the sex scene in the series as realistically as possible. It was particularly important to him that the sex in the series is not shown as a perfect interaction. There should also be room for Rhaenyra and Kriston’s insecurities.

The most important thing to me was that we didn’t do another “sweaty back” sex scene because it just isn’t like that. Anyone who has ever had sex will tell you that sex doesn’t look that pretty. It’s not a quaint, amazing thing. It’s embarrassing, especially when you’re young.

Fabien Frankel on the podcast “EW’s West of Westeros”

Before the scene was shot, it required some preparation. In the case of Kriston and Rhaenyra, seven months. Actors Milly Allcock and Fabien Frankel have made numerous phone calls, exchanged text messages and met with director Clare Kilner and her intimacy coordinator on numerous occasions.

The scene between Rhaenyra and Kriston was meant to be different than the situation between the princess and her uncle Daemon in the brothel. Kriston should be more reserved and you should be able to see how insecure he was in this situation. It should be an exciting and new event for both him and Rhaenyra.

It was about the struggle in every way: the struggle to remove the armor and Kriston’s inner struggle to break his vows. That’s how I wanted to put it.

In order to be able to better represent the uncertainty, the makers use the armor of the knight. After Frankel pointed out that Kriston could never take off his armor himself, this scene was included in the episode. The actor wanted to show as realistic a picture of the situation as possible and not let the audience believe that an armor would be stripped from the body in 10 seconds.

Frankel thus slowed down the “attacking each other”, which is popularized in many films and series.

In the next episodes of “House of the Dragon” we will find out how the series will continue and whether as much work has been put into other scenes as into the sex scene of Rhaenyra and Kriston. The HBO show runs in Germany on Sky Atlantic and the streaming provider WOW.

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