House of the Dragon: The Crab Feeder – this villain becomes a major threat!


“House of the Dragon” introduces the series’ first villain in the second episode. The Crab Feeder is a brutal pirate who has his victims mauled by crabs by the sea.

House of the Dragon: The Crab Feeder Craghas Drahar

House of the Dragon: The Crab Feeder Craghas Drahar (Credit: Ollie Upton / HBO)

  • At the end of the second episode of “House of the Dragon” the first villain of the series was teased.
  • The crab feeder Craghas Drahar fights Corlys Velaryon and Daemon Targaryen at the stepping stones.
  • The War at the Stepping Stones creates intense tension in Westeros.

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House of the Dragon’s first villain makes his grand entrance: the Crab Feeder. But unlike the villains from “Game of Thrones,” he’s already an imminent threat that doesn’t need to grow in power.

While the beginning of the second episode initially deals with the appointment of Rhaenyra Targaryen as heir to the Iron Throne and the new marriage of King Viserys I, the first major conflict of the series is brewing in the background.

Lord Corlys Velaryon addressed the king to warn him of the impending war on Steppingstone. However, Viserys I did not consider this threat to be particularly great, which is why he dismissed the concerns of the Master of the Ships as unimportant. After he had also rejected the planned marriage to Corlys’ daughter Laena Velaryon, the lord saw his last help in the also spurned brother of the king, Daemon Targaryen.

The second episode ended with Daemon agreeing to help the Velaryons. The final shot then showed a mysterious figure covering her burned face under a mask. This was the shrimp feeder, already mentioned in the first episode under the name Craghas Drahar.

Drahar proclaimed himself Prince of the Triarchy, an alliance of the three Free Cities of Myr, Lys, and Tyrosh. It was rumored in Westeros that the self-appointed prince would kill or injure sailors and leave them on the beach in front of Stepstone for the crabs to eat. These horror stories earned Drahar the nickname the Crab Feeder.

The Steppingstone Crab Feeder isn’t a particularly important villain to the House of the Dragon storyline, but he is crucial to the growing conflict between the Daemon and Viserys brothers and the deepening bond between Corlys and the king’s brother.

Because “House of the Dragon” doesn’t clearly portray its main characters as villains or heroes, the series brings in unknown antagonists like the Crab Feeder. These pose a threat of urgency rather than protraction, making him just the one who is fueling tensions within House Targaryen. For the climax of the conflict, the “Dance of the Dragons”, the crab feeder plays no further role.

But before the bloody War of Inheritance erupts in House Targaryen, Craghas Drahar is Westeros’ next great threat.

On September 5, 2022, we will find out how the war on the footsteps continues on Sky Atlantic and the streaming service Wow.

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