House of the Dragon: Will we see one of Daenerys’ dragon eggs in Episode 2?


In the second episode of “House of the Dragon”, Daemon Targaryen steals an inky black dragon egg. Will the mighty black dragon Drogon hatch from this in “Game of Thrones”?

House of the Dragon: Will we see one of Daenerys' dragon eggs in Episode 2?

House of the Dragon: Will we see one of Daenerys’ dragon eggs in Episode 2? (Source: HBO / Montage Netzwelt)

  • In the second episode of the first season of “House of the Dragon”, Daemon Targaryen stole a dragon egg.
  • The egg came from the dragon Dreamfire’s lair and looked a lot like Daenerys’ eggs.
  • Daenerys’ dragons were also descended from Dreamfire, but their eggs were laid 60 years before the House of the Dragon storyline.

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“House of the Dragon” has been running on Sky Atlantic and the streaming provider WOW since August 22, 2022. In the second episode of the first season, we see how Daemon Targaryen stole an egg for his beloved. Could it be one of Daenerys’ dragon eggs?

The “Game of Thrones” spin-off tells the story of the house of Targaryen 200 years before the time of Daenerys and her three dragons. In “House of the Dragon” we see many of the lizard creatures and one dragon egg in particular was the focus of Episode 2.

Daemon Tragaryen stole the dragon egg intended for the late king’s son Baelon. The theft had enticed Rhaenyra Targaryen to go to her uncle in Dragonstone to retrieve it. But does this plot possibly have a much deeper meaning?

Where did Daenerys’ dragon eggs come from?

In Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen received three petrified dragon eggs from Illyrio Mopatis as a wedding gift. According to the magister, the eggs came from the shadowlands beyond Asshai. He does not reveal where the eggs really came from.

Although Daemon’s stolen egg looked similar to Daenerys’ black egg, it is likely that they were not the same egg. Rhaenyra was able to retrieve the egg. This makes it likely that the Targaryens from “House of the Dragon” will incubate this themselves. While not exactly the same, there could still be a connection.

In the spin-off series, we learn that Daemon’s stolen egg may have been an egg of the Dragon Dreamfire. From the records in the book “Fire and Blood” we know that Dreamfire was the dragon of Rhaena Targaryen, granddaughter of Aegon I, who had conquered Westeros with his sisters.

About 60 to 70 years before the plot of “House of the Dragon”, Rhaena’s familiar, Elissa Weitmann, stole three eggs from Dreamfire’s pen. These were sold to a sealord from Bravos.

Since exactly three eggs were stolen, the suspicion arises that these were Daenerys’ dragon eggs. When Elissa sold the eggs, she warned the sealord that the eggs would petrify over the years if they weren’t hatched.

So even though Daemon’s egg wasn’t Daenerys’ egg, it appears that the dragons are related.

We may see which dragon will hatch from the egg in the following episodes. The next episode of “House of the Dragon” awaits us on September 5, 2022.

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