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Today manufactured industrially by a double oxidation of nitric acid then of dioxygen, in the presence of a catalyst, theoxalic acid is present naturally in the roots of plants such as rhubarb, beetroot, sorrel and, generally speaking, plants of the Oxalidaceae family.

It’s what ? From its real name oxalic acid dihydrate (2H2O), the sorrel salt comes in the form of a crystalline, odorless and colorless powder. Known since the 18th century, it is used to remove rust and ink stains and varnishes.

I use it in my washing machine.

For my sheets, tablecloths and other white clothes. He will restore all their shine to them. Add a tablespoon of sorrel salt to your laundry 4-5 kg. It will also be effective in the event of rust or even ink stains.

On wood and leather

Her whitening action is also effective on drink and leather. A solution of lukewarm water and sorrel salt (10%) will whiten old wood in about 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, let dry and apply a protective varnish or oil.


This product is not safe. Always wear gloves when using it: it is harmful to the skin and may cause eye damage. Store your product away from a heat source and protected from humidity.

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