Household hacks: the best tips to make stocks last longer

In times of the corona crisis and the associated exit restrictions, presumably many have increased their food supplies at home. Freezing, boiling down or even vacuuming are common methods to make food last longer. But how can fresh things like avocados, onions or carrots be kept fresh for longer? Very easily…

Drizzle lemon juice over avocados

As soon as avocados are cut open, they quickly turn brown. If you only use half of the fruit for the time being, you should leave the core in the other half. This protects the area under the core from turning brown and soft. And there is also a trick for the exposed areas: Simply drizzle with a little lemon juice or olive oil – both slow down the oxidation process of the avocado.

Wrap bread in a kitchen towel

Bread often becomes dry and hard after just one day. To keep it fresh for as long as possible, it's best to wrap it in a kitchen towel and then put it in a paper bag. This allows the bread to breathe without drying out and stays fresh longer.

Knot the onions in nylon stockings

Onions can be kept for quite a long time without our intervention, but even here you can do some tricks with them. What it takes are long nylon stockings. Simply put one onion after the other in a disused stocking and tie a knot after each so that the onions are separated. So they are kept airy and dry and stay fresh even longer. Simply separate the stocking over the knot as required.

Cut the spring onions into rings

Spring onions also give almost every dish the right flavor, but they are not particularly durable. There is a simple solution for this: Cut open the spring onions as if they would be processed immediately. Then pat the rings dry and put them in an empty, dry plastic bottle. Then store them in the refrigerator.

Store the carrots in newspaper

Carrots taste best when they are crunchy. Unfortunately, the vegetables quickly lose moisture and therefore consistency, which is why they should always be kept in the refrigerator. Wrapped in newspaper or in a plastic bag with a few air holes to prevent mold, carrots stay fresh and crisp longer.

Store potatoes and apples together

Two that will last longer together are apples and potatoes. The latter begin to drift sooner or later. However, if you keep apples close to the tubers, this process is significantly delayed and the potatoes remain edible for longer.

Soak the strawberries in vinegar

The strawberry season has begun, it's just a shame that the red berries spoil so easily. One trick: simply dip fresh strawberries in a vinegar-water bath (1 part vinegar, 10 parts water) and then dry well. This kills bacteria on the surface and the strawberries last longer.