Household: how to properly defrost the freezer?

How do you properly defrost the freezer?

The freezer should be defrosted twice a year.

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A lot of ice can build up in the freezer over time. Then it’s time to defrost again. These are the most important tips.

After each opening, moisture accumulates in the freezer via warm air. If this cools down, it turns into ice. In the long run, this leads to significantly higher energy consumption and thus to higher electricity costs. Experts therefore recommend that every household defrost the freezer twice a year. This is how it should be done.

Step 1: preparations

Before starting defrosting, completely empty the interior of the refrigerator and especially the freezer compartment. Temporarily store frozen goods in a separate freezer. Then disconnect the affected device from the power supply.

Step 2: speed up the defrosting process

Place a large bowl of hot water in the center of the freezer compartment to help melt the ice. A baking sheet or similar household container under the bowl catches the excess melt water.

Step 3: while the freezer is defrosting

In the meantime, some kitchen towels or towels should be ready next to the freezer or refrigerator in order to be able to quickly wipe off any further defrosted water. It takes about two hours for the device to completely defrost.

Step 4: dry and put away

Once the freezer has completely defrosted, dry the inside walls with a towel. You can also take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the refrigerator. Finally, supply the device with power again. Only then can the food be put back in the fridge and freezer.