Household: That's why these seven things don't go down the drain

So these seven things don't go down the drain

Cooking oil does not belong in the drain.

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If you throw away leftover food or medication down the drain, you can expect long-term damage. Other things don't belong in it either.

The disposal of many small things via the drain is quick at first, but can cause major and, above all, lasting damage. Simply dumping medication, used oil, cleaning agents, varnish, paint and detergent residues in the toilet not only pollutes the environment. The treatment of the wastewater becomes more complicated and expensive as a result. These seven things definitely don't go down the drain for a variety of reasons.

Leftovers in general

Leftovers clog the pipes and, in the worst case, attract rats and other vermin. The following applies to them and to the following four points: Put it in the organic waste bin.


Eggshells can build up in the pipes and turn into particularly stubborn incrustations.

Rice and pasta

Rice and pasta are starchy. The moisture causes them to swell further and stick the pipes together.

Cooking oil

Residues of cooking oils from the household pollute the environment. It also clogs up and clogs the sewer pipe in the house in the long term.


Flour residues also develop into a sticky mass that can gradually clog the pipes.


Medicines usually do not clog pipes. But the dissolved ingredients can get into the groundwater. That is why you should hand them in at pollutant collection points or in a pharmacy.


Most paints contain chemicals. Those who simply dump the leftovers into the drain pollute the environment and ultimately also their own health. Dried paint residues can be disposed of with normal residual waste.