Household: This keeps the onion supply fresh for a long time

Almost every food requires individual storage. This also applies to onions. This way the vegetables will keep for a long time.

The kitchen onion is particularly popular in Germany. Depending on the variety, size, smell, color and taste, the healthy favorite vegetables are mainly used as seasoning for salads, soups, sauces, braised and grilled dishes. With optimal storage conditions, onion bulbs can be stored for at least six months on average. These are the most important tips:

The drying process

When buying, you should pay attention to faultless goods. Then bundle the onions and hang them in a sheltered, dry, airy place. Alternatively, there is the option of spreading the onion harvest on dry ground. During this time, check the onions regularly and remove any damaged bulbs. After the drying process, the onion skin sits tightly and firmly on the tuber. Finally, carefully cut off the root remains and leek stalks.

The different storage options

Depending on the household, there are different options for perfect storage:

Darkness: In this case, dark, dry locations such as cool cellars or pantries are suitable. They prevent kitchen onions from developing shoots and thus their substance is completely preserved.

Drought: A storage location such as an attic or basement is ideal. However, the humidity should be low to prevent mold growth.

Cool: If stored too warm, the vegetables will begin to sprout. That is why frost-protected cellars with temperatures of four to ten degrees are a good choice.

Airy: Onion bulbs can be kept for a long time in dry and dark places with air circulation. Here you can hang up several tubers as a bundle or store them in airy baskets or nets.

The worst warehouse mistakes

Never remove the dry onion skin before storage. Because it protects against dehydration, prevents the penetration of mold spores and makes the vegetable onion durable.

The temporary storage of onion leftovers

Place sliced ​​household onions with the cut side down and store them in the refrigerator in airtight containers. Use the leftovers as soon as possible. Otherwise they will start to sweat and start to rot. Aluminum foils are completely unsuitable. A chemical reaction occurs here with cut onions and an unpleasant metallic taste develops.