Household tip: the baby oil trick is the secret of shiny kitchens

Household tip
The baby oil trick ensures sparkling kitchens

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No matter how often we clean our kitchen – limescale deposits and water stains are often stubborn. But that’s over now: the baby oil trick works wonders!

We cooked deliciously, but after the enjoyment comes the disillusionment: We look at the chaos in the kitchen with a full stomach. The pans and pots don’t all fit in the dishwasher (if you have one at all) – washing up is the order of the day.

Dirt, limescale and grease are deposited on the sink. If we try to remove it, it seems to work, but most of the time cleaning strips remain – a sign that it has not really gotten clean. With a very simple trick you can get your sink sparkling clean and even prevent limescale deposits.

The baby oil trick for a sparkling clean kitchen

Baby oil only belongs on the baby’s bottom? By no means! Baby oil has also been used for skin and hair care for a long time. But it is also a real secret weapon in the household.

Shiny fittings – this is how it works

In just three steps you get a sparkling clean sink:

  1. Grab a sponge, drip a little Soda powder on it and clean the sink and the fittings. The powder dissolves stubborn dirt quickly.
  2. Then you wipe with Household vinegar over it to remove limescale residue.
  3. Now comes the highlight: then wipe the basin with a dash of baby oil the end. The light fat film is like one sealingso that limescale and dirt can no longer deposit so easily.

With this trick you will have to brush less often in the future than before. For lasting cleanliness, it is advisable to use these three steps regularly – then the shine will remain.

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Baby oil can do even more

Not only fittings benefit from the use of baby oil, it is also suitable for cleaning all stainless steel surfaces. For example, if the case of your Extractor hood smeared with fat, a few drops of baby oil are worth their weight in gold. It’s that easy:

  1. First, apply the baby oil with a household towel in circular movements – because Oil dissolves fat.
  2. Then use a cloth or sponge with soap and water moisten and clean the housing.
  3. Finally you can use the hood again rub a little baby oil – This makes cleaning strips disappear and the frying fat can be removed more easily in the future. But make sure to apply a thin layer so it doesn’t get greasy.

Cleaning can be a nuisance, but when such sparkling results are in prospect, reaching for the sponge is no longer so difficult. Have fun trying!

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