HOUSES OF HORROR. “Do you believe it?”, this star who had a disturbing moment with Charles Manson in his lair

When Charles Manson dies in 2017, a famous actor will make an astonishing confidence: he has indeed crossed paths with the serial killer.

He is one of the most famous serial killers. In the 1960s, Charles Manson founded his hippie community. The guru will then commit a series of murders in the Los Angeles area. After years of horror, he will be arrested in 1971 when he ordered the murders of Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski and that of four other people. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he died on November 19, 2017 in a cell, at the age of 83. But then the day after his death, the famous actor Bryan Cranston makes a very surprising revelation on his Twitter account. He thus explains having crossed paths with Charles Manson. “Hearing that Charles Manson was dead sent shivers down my spine. I was within his grasp just a year before he committed a brutal murder in 1969. Luck was on my side when a cousin and I went horse riding at the Spahn ranch and saw the little man with the crazy look that the other hippies called Charlie”

This is not the first time he has mentioned this story. In 2016, he confides in the Daily Beast. He then indicates that he crossed paths with the serial killer when he was 12 years old.. It is with the family that will go to the lair of the murderer. “I was very young but old enough to be alone. My cousin and I, who are a year and a half older than me, had stopped there to go horse riding, while my mother and uncle were away do something else. We noticed that the people around were all weird in their own way. A guy in his twenties started shouting : ‘Charlie is on the hill! Charlie is on the hill!’. There was this frantic nervous energy, and they all jumped on horses and left. We thought that Charlie must have been someone important”.

Bryan Cranston “I saw his face on the news and my jaw dropped”

So when Charles Manson is arrested, Bryan Cranston falls backwards. “I saw his face on the news and my jaw dropped. My cousin called me first and was like, ‘Do you believe him?’. One thing is certain, the actor may have avoided the worst. A disconcerting testimony.

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