How about giving Superman & Lois a chance?

Season 2 of Superman & Loïs is available in US+24 on Salto from January 19, 2022.

The adventures of Superman give the feeling of having been seen and reviewed and, of course, we really want to see other heroes and heroines on the screen. But the strength of the series Superman & Lois is to give, precisely, a new vision of the character.

It’s not a revolution either: you will find Clark Kent and his famous red and blue suit with the S-shaped coat of arms. But this man of steel, played by Tyler Hoechlin, is a family man, installed with the journalist investigator Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). They are raising the two superboys, Jonathan and Jordan. And it is because this context seems perfectly ordinary that the idea is brilliant.

Season 1 is already fully available on Salto, and season 2 starts there in US+24 (the next day in VOSTFR) on January 19, 2022. How about giving this series a chance?

The “superfamily” in Superman & Lois. // Source: The CW

An ordinary superfamily

The staging differs from other CW series. Less polished as if it had to obey a pre-established grid, it has its own aesthetic. The image’s olive hue anchors it to an earthly, grounded reality, a vast and rural Smallville. The story offers a humanized approach to the characters. The real subject of Superman & Lois : family. This does not mean that the superheroic stakes (saving the world, or, at least, the city) are relegated to the background. No “gnangnan” or cutesy approach, therefore, because this new series on the man of steel does not forget to really tell something, and not to create artificial tensions between the characters which are resolved at each end of episode. as one would solve a police investigation.

This is not a series about the “man of steel”. The Superman interpreted by Tyler Hoechlin breaks radically with the popular image of the character. Less muscular and dark than a Henry Cavill, he is almost an ordinary man. He never shows coldness, never assumes godlike stature. He is fallible. He is a father, a husband. The extraordinary that lodges in the interstices only has more weight. And the extraordinary is also to be found, on an equal footing, with Loïs Lane. An outstanding investigative journalist, his role in the story is decisive.

The series establishes the same relationship in the two sons: one, Jordan, develops powers while the other, Jonathan, does not. That doesn’t make the former a more important character. Superman & Lois is, in fact, a series that has no main characters, because the heroism of the story is that of the capacity to work collectively – to create, to build, to repair the links. Steel is to be found in a father who seeks to be a good father, less in a god who lifts a mountain with his thumb.

By the intelligence of his approach, which dusts off a character that becomes academic, Superman & Lois manages to tell one of those stories that we like to find every week.

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