How about trying sexual ASMR for more arousal?

Other than its soothing virtues, ASMR has its share of surprises. Hitting words in your partner’s ear can be very exciting. Focus on sexual ASMR.

You have probably not escaped the ASMR videos which abound on the web. Between those with makeup, food or unusual objects, you have the choice. However, if fingernails tapping on a plastic object are suitable for relaxation (for some), ASMR can also participate in the rise of desire. This is another phenomenon that could spice up your sex life.

It should first be known that the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (autonomous response of sensory meridians in French) corresponds to the sensations felt by hearing. As explained The Parisian, this would designate a “Mysterious thrill, or tingling of pleasure, which would originate at the back of the skull and spread like a liquid down the spine ”. When it comes to sexual ASMR, the perception of erotic sounds could cause a cerebral orgasm.

What is sexual ASMR?

ASMR sex doesn’t really have any rules per se. It is mainly determined by sounds that lead to arousal such as the sound of a kiss, saliva or caresses. It also involves tapping and touching materials (leather, satin, etc.). In short, it’s up to you to find the sounds that excite you. And the slower it is, the more it adds sensuality to the thing.

Surprising, on the other hand, finding ASMR in its erotic version is absolutely not complicated. Even though a few videos are currently online on Pornhub, you can freely access this kind of content on the YouTube platform. Just by typing the term ASMR in the search bar, the sex genre will be quickly suggested to you.

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How to practice sexual ASMR?

Caroline West, sexperte and speaker explains to the magazine Women’s Health what’Sexual ASMR is a “Trial and error process”. You cannot directly know what gives you pleasure, let alone your partner. There is therefore no discomfort to have if during the practice, it does not work the first time.

Always according to Women’s Health, for Craig Richard, researcher and professor at Shenandoah University, “The key aspects of these interactions are trust and security, usually conveyed by some disposition” which would consist “In a soft or whispered voice, predictable hand movements or sounds, appropriate gaze and light touch”. All these characteristics can be found in an intimate place such as the bedroom.

Caroline West also shared some tips for getting into sexual ASMR. The first would be to whisper each other’s fantasies to each other and focus on the sounds the other is making next to your ear. You can also choose to rummage in a drawer where there are objects that can increase the excitement (lingerie, sextoys, …), or to make traces on the skin of your other half with the nails.

And as the erotic ASMR videos are available on YouTube, Caroline West offers to put them in the background. What to very quickly raise the temperature of the bodies.

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