How can a baguette cost 29 cents?


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Leclerc stores have blocked the price of the baguette at 29 cents for four months. The bakers denounce this commercial operation, seen as unfair competition.

A baguette at less than 30 cents, when its average price is around 90 euro cents? The Leclerc stores have committed to this ridiculous price until April 2022. However, the operation is denounced from all sides. A ton of wheat is currently at a price not far from its historic high, and craftsmen cannot match this juggernaut of mass distribution. How can the emblem of French gastronomy, the favorite bread of the, be sold so cheaply? Bakers accuse flour of lower quality, and industrial production, which avoids labor costs. The FNSEA, the largest agricultural union in France, denounced this operation through its president Christiane Lambert, who warned: “How many bakers will Leclerc kill with his €0.29 calling wand??” In addition, a supermarket baguette involves induced costs: the petrol for the car to go to the supermarket is one of them.

Paying farmers and producers correctly while keeping an average basket at a minimal cost for the French. an association such as the Secours populaire alerted to the increase precariousness in France: one million more poor people in ten years.

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