How can I overcome a life crisis?

Sooner or later we all slide into a crisis. And to get out of there as quickly as possible, these questions can be useful.

Life is an incredible gift, but it's not always fun. Sometimes it's changes that bother us, sometimes stagnation and monotomy. Sometimes fate hits us with its club and sometimes we stand in our own way. No matter what the trigger, crises are always difficult to endure and the longer they last, the more difficult it is for us to find our way out. But if we manage to master and overcome a crisis, we gain strength and courage and are (hopefully) a better, happier person than before. If these aren't two good reasons to come up with a crisis strategy! For example, asking yourself the following questions could be part of it …

Life crisis? Then ask yourself these questions

1. When was the last time you were happy – and why?

In times of crisis we often believe that we will never be happy again. But that's not true, because since everything changes, every crisis will eventually pass. In order to make yourself aware in a dark time that you can be happy at all and that it is worth holding out until the next happy phase, it can help to remember when you were last happy. Do you remember? What was different then than now? What made you happy Could it still make you happy today? Maybe your past will lead you on a lead on the right path. But at least it should show you: happiness is achievable and worth walking through the swamp for it.

2. If you had died yesterday, what more would you have liked to have done?

We often get into a crisis when we set or have set wrong priorities in our life. When we don't do what makes us happy and what we believe in, but what we think we have to do. Once we are in this fairway, we will eventually come to a point where everything feels pointless and we no longer have any motivation to even get up in the morning. To solve this problem and get your prios back on track, it can help to ask yourself what you really want to do or experience before it's too late. What is most important to you? Or what would you regret if you suddenly ran out of time? What would you rate as wasted energy? It's not nice to think about death, but it comes to all of us at some point and that should encourage us to devote our lives to the things that are important to us.

3. If no one expected anything from you, what would you do?

Suppose you don't have a boss who would expect you to do your job. Not a mother who relies on you calling regularly and "having your life under control". No society to judge you. What would you do? Who would you spend your time with? What job would you do because it fulfills you and gives you confidence? And when you have answered all of this, please ask yourself another question: What exactly is preventing you from doing it? If it is really other people's expectations, you should break free of them and start pursuing your own dreams. If, on the other hand, they are your own requirements or habits, you should perhaps reconsider them – and change them if necessary.

4. What is actually your main problem?

In a tangible life crisis, "everything seems stupid" – and somehow it is. Nevertheless, we should try to find out what is actually the worst – because that is what we should try most urgently to change or learn to accept. What pulls you down the most? What problem would have to vanish in order for you to breathe easy? Nice side effect: If we can clearly identify and name something, it often automatically seems less scary and no longer as overpowering as before. Therefore say we yes also Voldemort and not you-know-who

5. If you could choose three things to keep, which would it be?

Imagine being stolen from you and only left with three things – what would you choose? Your best friend maybe? Or your job? Your spontaneity or any talent? Maybe it would help you out of your crisis if you devote more time and attention to these things – even without everything else being taken away from you …

6. Worst Case Scenario: What would be the worst that could happen to you now?

Okay, you're in trouble, but how bad is it on a scale from caustic to catastrophe – and can it still get? What would be the worst development things could take now? Would you perish? And what options do you have to influence the course of events and prevent the worst? Maybe you're on the ground right now. But if it can't or doesn't have to go any further down, why don't you get up again?