How Covid19 Spreads? Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic Simulation


How it works?

This simulation was developed by the tigris software team.
Source : Simulation Link

Each person is represented by a circle (body) in the simulation. Simulation starts with all population as non-infected but a sinlge case of infection.


A non-infected body is also infected when collides to an infected body.

After incubation perios an infected body either becomes hospitalized or continues to be a carrier until revocery.

A hospitalized infected cannot circulate or infect any other until its recovery or death.

A hospitalized infected dies with propability of Death Rate Parameter.

Simulation Parameters

Population Size

Number of shapes in simulation. Note that this tool runs on your browser and high levels of population size will be slower. n > 1000 may not run on your device depending on your CPU power.

Display Size (in Pixels)

You can adjust the size of shapes and probability of collusion between bodies.

Recovery Time (in Days)

Total number of days for an infected carrier (without symptoms) to spread disease. Moreover, this parameter is also used for an infected hospitalized to determine the time of its recovery or death.

Death Rate (in percent)

Used for the probability of hospitalized infecteds probability of death. Represents dead / (dead + recovered)

Incubation Period (in Days)

The time interval between the infection and hospitalization. After incubation period each infected body becomes either hospitalized or continues to be a carrier until recovery.

Hospitalization Rate (in percent)

Not all of the infected show symptoms, hospitalization rate is the percent of infected people showing symptoms.

Social Distance

A parameter between 1-10. Increasing levels of social distance means people are less interacting, that is probability of a collusion between two bodies in simulation decreases.

Self Isolation

If chosen as true, at day of Self-Isolation Start parameter, with probability of SelfIsolation Percent parameter, people isolate themselves and cannot be infected. If they are already infected, they cannot infect anyone else. This period continues for Self Isolation Length days.