How data consumption on smartphones will triple within 5 years

If 5G seems to be struggling to convince European users, the mobile industry lobby GSMA is convinced that it will explode quickly. Its report estimates that data exchanged will triple by 2028, in particular thanks to 5G.

Mobile data in Europe
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Since the time it has been available in Europe, 5G has struggled to break through sufficiently to become the standard. Certainly, it exceeded 8 million users in France in the first quarter of 2023, but at the same time as progression of its big sister 4G. According to the latest figures from Arcep, the 10 million mark has been crossed. However, Europe is still lagging behind the United States and Asia. In France, 5G is far from being a selling point when you want to change your plan. But the trend could well be reversed according to a report from the GSMA, which brings together players in the mobile industry.

He estimates that in 5 years, i.e. in 2028, the volume of mobile data exchanged on the Old Continent will be triple that we know today. The development of 5G is an explanatory factor of course, but also the best 4G coverage, especially in central and eastern Europe. Concerning 5G, the GSMA explains that once switched to such a package, the user will seek to maximize it by consuming data-intensive media: video games, augmented reality Or 4K videos For example.

Mobile data exchanged is expected to triple in Europe by 2028

The report also states that by 2030, 87% of European mobile connections will be 5Gagainst 11% in 2022. Over the same period, 4G connections will drop from 75% to 12%. Achieving such results will require massive investment in infrastructure. Their upgrade should cost 200 billion euros to operatorsstill by 2030. This does not mean that their income will increase proportionally.

If they are 156 billion euros in 2022they should only reach “only” 162 billion euros in 2030. The GSMA recalls that the European mobile market is highly competitive and its many players offer fairly low prices, mechanically reducing their margins. While there is no doubt about the development of 5G and its more widespread adoption, it is unclear whether the GSMA’s predictions will all come true within the next 7 years. Especially since 6G is already on the horizon.

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