How did the execution of Bernard Laroche really go?


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A French affair, broadcast this evening on TF1, traces how the Grégory affair went. Tonight, the assassination of Bernard Laroche, accused by Murielle Bolle before she retreats.

In the Grégory affair, many dysfunctions were noted. Among them, the one who led to the assassination of Bernard Laroche by his brother-in-law, Jean-Marie Villemin, Grégory’s father. How did the disastrous chain of events unfold that led to further mourning in the family? Back to the facts. Bernard Laroche is suspected of being the crow that has been harassing the Villemin family with anonymous letters and phone calls for several years. He was finally arrested at the end of his work, in overalls, by the gendarmes on October 31, 1984. He was then placed in provisional detention following the testimony of his young sister-in-law, Murielle Bolle.

Lauréna Thellier, interpreter of Murielle Bolle in the series A French affair, recalls the context of the latter’s questioning. “Murielle Bolle is a 15-year-old girl who was not at all prepared for this whirlwind. She had to undergo interrogations and media pressure. At the time of the facts, she was being questioned without lawyers. period, we do not tell her yet that she can also be silent. The minors were heard alone “, explains the actress, who insists: “she was extremely laughed at, we still don’t care about her!”

Bernard Laroche, shot dead in front of his home

Finally, Murielle retracts and Bernard Laroche resumes the normal course of his life. However, Jean-Marie Villemin’s hatred is powerful. Marie-Ange Laroche says that one evening, a person from the village telephones them to warn them that Jean-Marie Villemin will be heading home with a gun. It is March 29, 1984 and the Laroche couple are returning from work. They meet Jean-Marie Villemin in front of their house.

Marie-Ange Laroche tells on the microphone of the podcast “The moment where” at BFM: “We arrive in front of the house. Bernard was practically engaged in the door, but I had not yet returned. I hear heavy footsteps, someone jumping. I turned around, and that’s where I was. saw Villemin with a gun. ” The two men confront each other and Bernard swears to be innocent. Marie-Ange’s brother and son descend, alerted by the rising tone of voice. “Bernard took my brother by the shoulder and said ‘Lulu, come back with the kid, remembers Marie-Ange Laroche‘. And he didn’t have time to come back up.

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Indeed, Jean-Marie Villemin shoots and Bernard Laroche collapses under the eyes of his wife and son.“At the time, I didn’t think he was dead because I couldn’t see any blood. Sébastien threw himself on his father, and then that’s when the blood started to flow, and then the kid was screaming, he was screaming: ‘Mum, I’ve got lots of blood! Take this away from me, take this away from me!’ The doctor, dispatched immediately, can do nothing, and Bernard dies shortly after. Murielle Bolle spent the rest of her life regretting these confessions. Lauréna Thellier confides for her part to have wanted, for her role in the series, “Relieve the pressure of the affair, and rehumanize this woman.”

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