How do I know if my Monstera is thirsty and needs watering? : Current Woman Le MAG

Did you know ? Among houseplants, the Monstera, a tropical plant from Central America, is not the easiest to water. It depends on the variety (around a hundred species are listed, including the famous Monstera deliciosa), the amount of humidity and light, its environment and its size. If we only had to remember one thing? When you don’t have a green thumb, it’s better to keep it light.

When to water your Monstera plant?

The Monstera plant needs watering”about once a week in spring and summer. In winter, even more rarely“, indicates the Bergamotte brand. Depending on the varieties of the plant (Monstera deliciosa or false philodendron, Monstera Monkey leaf, Monstera Variegata, etc.), this may differ. In all cases, the florist indicates that “It is essential to let the soil dry between each new watering.“In fact, these are indoor plants (but not only) which tolerate under-watering better than excess.

How do you know if the plant has enough water or is overwatered (yellow leaves)?

To know if a Monstera has enough water, is overwatered or is thirsty, there is a quick and easy way to check: by feeling the soil. Touch it with your fingers. If you feel it damp, wait a few more days to water it. If it is 2 centimeters (or more) dry, it is a good time to water it.

Why is there water on the leaves of my Monstera? Is it yellowing? 3 signs of overwatering

Among the signs of a Monstera that has too much water, here are 3:

  • His saucer is full of water between two waterings or after watering. It is a plant that does not like to stay in water. Systematically empty the saucer after swimming.
  • The pretty chlorophyll green leaves can turn yellow. AIE Aie Aie !
  • Drops of water fall from the leaves. Attentionthe soil is too wet.

In any case, don’t panic: readjust watering and reduce frequencynotably taking into account the seasons (in winter, spray the leaves with water and water less and less often). Let the soil dry a little after each addition of water.

How do I know if my Monstera needs water? 4 signs she’s thirsty

The soil is dry but you wonder if this is really a sign that the plant is thirsty and if it is the only one? Here are the 4 signs that are unmistakable (the presence of just one of these signs is enough to prove it):

  • Dry ground.
  • Drooping or sagging stems.
  • Curled or discolored leaves.
  • Lack of new leaves with holes (after the first year, the Monstera must regularly produce new leaves with cuts or defenestrations. Otherwise, it is due to a lack of water or even light.)

If you observe one of the last 3 signs, be sure to be more vigilant about the frequency of the next waterings so that your plant gradually regains its vigor.

How to water a Monstera and with how much water?

If the Monstera must be watered at a low frequency, on the other hand, when it needs water, it is generously. The plant must be abundant until the saucer fills. Once it does, stop watering. Then, remove the excess water. Is the soil on the plant very wet and the saucer emptied? Here are two signs that your Monstera is getting enough water.

The Monstera loves humidity, it cannot tolerate dry air. In winter, especially with radiators, the atmosphere can quickly become so. Mist its leaves and aerial roots, favoring non-calcareous water.

How to have beautiful Monstera foliage and help it grow well?

Water is one of the vital elements for the growth of a plant along with food (soil) and light. If you find him an ideal location (humid, bright air but not direct exposure to the sun) and that you take care to regular maintenance Monstera, the plant should generously reward you with its large and beautiful XXL intense green leaves… Or even some edible fruits (although rarer)!

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