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More and more common in our kitchens, the induction hob has everything to seduce. Not only does it consume very little energy compared to its competitors, but it is also very easy to use. As long as you have the right utensils available. If you don’t have the right material for this type of hotplate, there’s a good chance they just won’t light up and your whole meal will go down the drain. We explain how to avoid this tragedy.

Are my pans compatible?

When switching from traditional gas or ceramic hobs to induction, you may sometimes have to change your pan battery. This is not always practical, especially since this type of utensils is often expensive to purchase. Unfortunately, not all vessels are induction compatible and that is the problem. Before you skim the canvas for new suitable stoves with the barbed wire logo stamped on them, check that the old ones work with your new plates. To do this, use a magnet. To work on this table, the bottom of your saucepans must be flat, and above all magnetic (if they are made of terracotta, aluminum or copper, so do not bother to insist). Bring the magnet close to the bottom and see if it hooks. If this is the case, normally you can use your pan without any hassle. Otherwise, it will actually be necessary to buy new ones. Another simpler tip: you can simply place your container on the plate. If it does not light up and displays a “U” instead, it means that it does not recognize it and is therefore unsuitable.

The importance of the diameter of the pans

If you’ve tested your old battery or bought new pans but the induction hob still doesn’t recognize them, this might be a big problem. There are different circles on your plates which delimit the thermal zones. These are defined by diameters to which your utensils must correspond to a few centimeters. If your inductor has a diameter of 21 cm, the pan should have a minimum of 18 cm. For an 18 cm baking sheet, the pan should be 14.5 cm minimum. And finally, for 14.5 cm on the hob, you will need a tool of 12 cm minimum. If the latter is smaller than the sizes shown, there is a good chance that the plates will not heat up. Only so-called “modular” induction hobs allow you to use pans of all sizes without worry.

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