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How do I organize my child's birthday?

Confinement forces us to reschedule or even cancel certain events that we had planned. But there is no question of giving up on the birthday of our child or a member of our family. Here are some tips to help you celebrate this anniversary, as it should be!

Celebrating a birthday from afar is the brilliant idea that Helene had. While her goddaughter had celebrated her tenth birthday on March 19, his birthday could not be celebrated in good and due form, with all his friends following confinement. A situation that Hélène, a collective intelligence facilitator, wanted to remedy. So she decided to organize and make an anniversary of about an hour, with 10 guests and only by webcam.

Provide the necessary equipment

To please Lilac and her friends, Hélène chose to invite all of her goddaughter's friends by webcam based on the guest list provided. "At first you have to get used to it being a cacophony", in fact, children were used to seeing each other 5 days a week at school and even outside, which is no longer possible. Also for parents "You have to plan a non zero time, the time to connect the tablet or the computer", underlines Hélène.
To plan a birthday worthy of the name, it is necessary :

  • Either from a computer or a tablet (laptops should be banned because you can't see the whole face)
  • Put yourself in a quiet place
  • Have something to write and draw
  • Plan for a little room for each child to take a step back with the camera

Also, when logging in, put the child's first name instead of yours, to make it easier to recognize.

Increase the energy little by little

To start, you have to start gently to avoid the hubbub, if everyone does not know each other, the guests can introduce themselves alternately. In the next round, the children need to tell something positive that has happened to them since the start of confinement. "It was very touching, a child said that he now had the opportunity to give his father lots of hugs", she says.

© Hélène Micheau

Have a good timing

To have a successful birthday, you must above all set up shared talk and play times. Regarding, the activities "You have to make very simple games, install speaking towers using a sign to establish silence, and finally raise your hand to play".

So you can play different types of games by adapting to the place where you are:

  • "Find 5 objects of the color given by the comrade
  • Telling a story with objects
  • Body sculpture (with one foot or arms in the air, an animal, a chair)
  • Funny face contest with a screenshot
  • Dress up for music
  • Do a choreography "

To cut the cake, you can very well do it from a distance like Lilac. Regarding the gift, the children each made a beautiful birthday drawing "that they can send by post, because it's still open!"

End by bringing the energy down

To calmly end the game, we can end with a loop of compliments. "We played to pass the ball by making compliments." A moment of exchange that greatly pleased the children, "I like you because we can play soccer for two and it's not annoying", confided a little girl to her friend.


Video by Juliette Le Peillet

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