How do I prepare my cat for a long journey?

Going on vacation with your cat? This requires a specific organization. Our advice to make the car journey go well.

Cats are very popular pets. And for good reason, they are adorable! They play, give us hugs… But also require special attention because they are not animals that tolerate change well. If they lose their bearings, they can experience it very badly. Stress can then set in and make your cat panic: panting, nausea… All of these are symptoms of stress that can appear. This also happens when your cat has to endure very high heat.

If you have no choice or if you simply want to take your furry friend with you on vacation, then there are a few tips to follow so that everything runs smoothly, especially when traveling by car. Stress-free, neither for you nor for your cat. How do I get him to do his business? Prevent him from panicking? We have listed the best tips for preparing your vacation with your cat and your car trip.

Put a collar on it with all the necessary information

When traveling by car, especially long journeys, you have to be sure to put on a collar with all the information: your name, your address, a number to reach you… Why? If the animal gets lost (you never know), the people who find it can easily contact you. You should also know that to be able to travel in the European Union, your cat must be identified with an electronic chip, be vaccinated against rabies and have a specific European passport.

Choose your travel bag well and get used to it before the trip

The choice of the transport bag in which you will make your cat travel is fundamental. It must be comfortable so that the animal has a good trip. The bag or cage should be big enough for the cat to stand up in, so he can change position during the trip. Be careful, however, not to take a cage or a bag that is too big to prevent the cat from slipping.

Give him anti-stress croquettes

There are ways to relax your cat before and during travel. You can spray an anti-stress spray in his cage or his carrying bag for example. Or you can give him some anti-stress kibble specifically designed for cats. In these cases, be sure to follow the dosage correctly. Finally, there are Bach flowers or other types of drops to relax the animal. Choose an option according to the character of the cat!

In the car, cover the cage with a sheet

To prevent the cat from stressing too quickly, it is advisable to hide the environment around him. This prevents him from panicking and allows him to stay calm. So remember to bring a sheet or a light towel to cover the bag or the cage. Be careful not to opt for materials that are too warm, especially if you are traveling in the summer.

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