How do I write on a PDF file or fill out a form?

PDF is the most used format in the administration. But how do you fill out a form efficiently, or just write on a PDF? Follow the leader !

Have you ever wondered why PDFs are so popular when it comes to sending administrative documents? The answer is actually quite simple: the format guarantees that the layout will not move from computer to computer. This is why the PDF is generally preferred over Word documents or any other of its kind, since you are sure not to have any surprises when you send an important document.

Yes, but… Very often these are papers that need to be signed and returned. And printing a PDF, signing it, rescanning it back to PDF always feels like doing something incredibly stupid. Fortunately, nowadays, there is a way to write on a PDF file in a jiffy, without needing to be a computer genius for it. We will explain how in this simple and effective tutorial.

Write in and fill in a PDF document

Download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. This is the official application of the creator of the format, which you download directly from its servers: don’t panic, everything is secure.

Open your PDF document with the “Adobe Acrobat DC” application freshly installed on your computer.

In the column on the left of your document, click Fill and sign. Your cursor turns into a writing bar: just click anywhere on your document to start writing over it.

The bar located above your text box allows you to change your font size by pressing the small or the big A, in order to enlarge or shrink it. If you want to move your text box, you can simply move it by clicking on the blue rectangle around it. To delete it, click on the trash can.

If you need tick or circle an item, click on the three small dots in the bar to reveal the special signs. Select the one you need, and edit it to match your document.

To sign the document, click sign yourself in the toolbar at the top of the document. You will then need to create your signature. You can do this simply by typing on your keyboard, drawing on a dedicated area, or importing an image of your signature. When it is done, it will be automatically saved on your software and you can reuse it later for other documents.

Once your signature has been uploaded, click on the area of ​​the document where you want it to appear. As for the text, you can change the size or move it at will.

Save your document, and voila!

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