How does NVIDIA want to put ray tracing back into our old video games?

Robin Lamorlette

September 21, 2022 at 11:55 a.m.




Besides the announcement of graphics cards brand new (and overpriced), NVIDIA has shared good news for games under DirectX 8 and 9.

During the conference GeForce Beyond was indeed presented RTX Remix, a tool allowing modders to easily integrate ray tracing to offer a makeover to our old favorite games (provided of course to have a graphics card compatible).

Old games remastered thanks to modders

Some iconic games like Quake had already received this treatment, and NVIDIA is now providing modders with a tool to integrate ray tracing into technically incompatible games. To illustrate its point, the chameleon brand notably presented Portal RTX or Morrowwind. Old games under DirectX 8 and 9 should also be able to benefit from this DLSS tool.

To achieve this feat, RTX Remix replaces the original API of a modded game with 64-bit Vulkan. This converts assets to Universal Scene Description (USD) to add the ability to “react” to artificial light.

The most determined modders will even be able to completely overhaul the light present in the original game, add effects, or even ambient occlusion and other modern graphic novelties.

Of course, finding these ten-year-old games magnified by ray-tracing will require a compatible graphics card. Especially since RTX Remix will take advantage of the artificial intelligence integrated into NVIDIA’s products.

A mod easy to install and a priori highly compatible

From what has been presented to us, RTX Remix should not upset the habits of modders too much. NVIDIA ensures in any case that the RTX mods thus created will not normally conflict with other mods from Nexus Mods or other platforms.

Once modders get to grips with the tool and develop mods for our favorite old games, they’ll be relatively easy to install. All you have to do is download the necessary files and move them to the folder at the root of the game to let the magic work.

Besides RTX Remix’s apparent compatibility with other mods, NVIDIA maintains that the assets converted by the tool should work with many development solutions. These include Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, SideFX Houdini or Unreal Engine.

Modders will therefore be able to have a great time revisiting the anthological games of the last ten years and remastering them as they should. All that remains is to wait and let the artists do their job.

Source : NVIDIA

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