How far will diplomatic tensions between the two countries go? ask your questions

  • Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris in early October and prohibited French military planes participating in Operation “Barkhane” in Mali from overflying its airspace. These decisions were taken in reaction to remarks by Emmanuel Macron, reported by The world, against a “Politico-military system” Algerian ” tiredness “, that he accused of maintaining a “Memorial rent” by serving his people a “Official story” who “Not based on truths”.
  • If Emmanuel Macron has since said he wants a “Appeasement” on the memorial subject between the two countries, the Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, demanded from France the “Total respect for the Algerian state”, claiming that the Algerians were “Assaulted in [leur] flesh, [leur] story in [leurs] martyrs “.
  • This sudden rise in tensions comes as the 60e anniversary of the Evian agreements, signed on March 18, 1962, and of the end of the Algerian war. Emmanuel Macron has been trying for months to carry out the work of reconciling memories and that of a Franco-Algerian rapprochement in parallel, in the wake of the report submitted to him by historian Benjamin Stora in January 2021.
  • How to explain the extent of the current crisis after the attempts to appease memory? What political and diplomatic analysis can we make of the standoff between France and Algeria? Ask your questions to Frédéric Bobin, specialist in North Africa at World, he will answer you from 10:30 a.m.

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