How Gmail will make it easier to track your Christmas packages

Stephane Ficca

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November 03, 2022 at 10:15 a.m.


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gmail will offer a new package tracking feature, directly from the application.

A feature that promises a view of package tracking and delivery information straight to your inbox.

Parcel tracking (soon) directly in Gmail

Once a product has been ordered on the web, we all adopt the same ritual the following days, namely looking for the confirmation email in the inbox, finding the tracking number and following a series of links to find out the delivery status.

Google has therefore decided to develop a feature aimed at eradicating this tedious routine, which is very good with the approach of the holiday season. Gmail will soon show delivery information directly to the inbox.

So that you don’t miss any packages?

Indeed, Google says that for orders with a tracking number, the Gmail app will display the current delivery status in a summary card at the top of each email. Thus, without even having to open the email in question, the user will know the expected delivery date.

Parcel Tracking Gmail © © Google


Obviously, by opening the email, we will benefit from additional information, again generated directly by Google and displayed at the top of the email. A feature that should be deployed “ in the coming weeks according to Google.


If the option is enabled in the settings, then Gmail automatically searches for order statuses using tracking numbers and displays them in the inbox. You can disable the tool at any time from the settings.

In the coming months, if a package is undelivered, Gmail will also proactively display an overdue label and place the email at the top of the inbox to remind the user of their order. ” This way, you’ll spend less time waiting outside the door and more time partying with your loved ones. “Promises Google.

Source : Google Blog

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