How harmful are cotton swabs really!


For many, cotton swabs are one of the common hygiene items in the bathroom. But beware: The seemingly harmless Q-tips are a real danger to your hearing and your health. Click on the video and see why they can even become life threatening!

Do you also use cotton swabs for ear cleaning?

Many of us do that, especially after washing your hair: Quickly with a Q-tip in the ears, and they are already clean and dry. Doctors warn for years before using cotton swabs to clean the ears. That her concern for the patients is fully justified is shown by the example of this man at the top of the video, who almost paid with his life for his liking for cotton swabs.


Risk without benefit

The use of cotton swabs is not even helpful. Instead of cleaning our ear, we only push earwax and other contaminants into the ear canal. For the funnel-shaped course in the long term a problem: 

The ear canal can clog. As a result, other intruders can no longer be removed from the earwax – the self-cleaning of the ear is disturbed. This condition provides optimal breeding ground for bacteria.


In the worst case, we risk hearing loss

In the worst case, these cause inflammation of the ear canal. Such a disease is associated with severe pain – the visit of a doctor is unavoidable. If it spreads particularly hard, the hardened earwax presses on the eardrum. The sensitive cuticle can be injured. 

Even a harmless shower can trigger the pain: If the earwax has already penetrated into the vicinity of the drums field and soaks up with water, the ear canal is finally blocked – the consequences range from earache to hearing loss and the occurrence of a tinnitus. 

Not to forget: Also, who slips off with the cotton swab while brushing, directly injured the eardrum, which can even burst!


So you clean your ears properly

Actually, our ears clean themselves. Ear wax also plays a major role in this process. Foreign objects are safely removed from our ear canals with their help. 

Who does not want to rely on the body’s own functions, has two options: 

ENT specialists offer a professional cleaning of your ears. With this method, you can be sure that you are doing something good for your body and not risking any damage. 

The second alternative is still from the time of your grandmother. Pick up a washcloth and carefully clean the front of your ear canal with warm water. Again, make sure that you do not penetrate too deeply into the ear and do not hurt you.