How many surfaces does your cat touch per day with its hindquarters?

Have you ever wondered, seeing your cat walking around your house with its tail proudly raised, how many surfaces can it touch with its hindquarters? An apprentice scientist conducted the investigation.

His name is Kaeden Griffin, he’s a college student from Tennessee, and for a project at school he asked himself this strange question: “Does your cat’s hindquarters really touch every surface in your house?” For the sake of science, the young boy therefore applied safe lipstick to the anus of his cats, to follow in his footsteps around the house. Its story is relayed by a local radio.
Here are his results after data collection (which lasted ten minutes): The cats with long or medium-length hair left no traces, suggesting that their anuses did not come into contact with any surface. Kaeden points out that this applies to the floor as well as to soft surfaces like a bed or a pile of laundry. In contrast, cats with short hair leave traces of lipstick on soft surfaces.

Conclusion of the young boy: therefore beware of short-haired cats when they sit on your bed or your pile of clean laundry … The story does not say if one of his comrades tried the experiment with dogs.

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