how much are you willing to pay for the best day of your life?

Couples ready to get married in 2023 will reduce their expenses for the big day. On the other hand, the budget dedicated to the honeymoon explodes. Here’s what the French are willing to spend this year to get married.

This is a priori an additional illustration of the impact of inflation on purchasing power. The average budget of French people who plan to get married this year falls below 10,000 euros. They plan to spend 9873 euros on average for the preparation and organization of the best day of their life, compared to 11,063 euros in 2022, a drop of 1,190 euros, reveals a CSA Research survey for Cofidis (1) .

In the current context, 69% of respondents say they are worried about the consequences of rising prices on the preparation of their wedding. As a result, 76% of future husbands intend to limit their expenses by making trade-offs: reducing the bill for the reception venue, limiting gifts to guests or even reducing the decoration budget.

Credit, a solution especially for the youngest

In this unfavorable context, consumer credit is a solution. Indeed, to finance their marriage, consumer credit appears to be a useful solution for more than 3 out of 10 French people (34%) and in particular for the youngest (51%), underlines Mathieu Escarpit, marketing director of Cofidis.

Despite everything, it is recourse to personal savings (83%) or financial assistance from family and in-laws (44%) that are considered as a priority by future husbands to finance their wedding.

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The travel budget explodes

However, if the future lovebirds will put the pedal soft on the expenses for their wedding, they will not skimp on the budget of the honeymoon. The savings made on D-Day expenses will serve them to enjoy their honeymoon even more. Deprived of travel during the health crisis, they expect to spend on average 6188 euros this year, compared to 3,684 euros last year, ie an additional budget of 2,504 euros.

(1) sample of 1,012 French people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over. self-administered sample online from December 20 to 22, made up using the quota method based on the following criteria: sex, age, profession, region of residence and category of urban area.

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