How much will my gray card cost? The government is setting up an online simulator

Alexander Boero

April 18, 2023 at 4:45 p.m.


gray card registration certificate © Alexandre Boero for Clubic

© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

The government offers individuals to estimate the cost of their registration certificate, thanks to a simulator which nevertheless requires you to have some information about your future vehicle.

If you buy a new or second-hand vehicle, you are aware that your registration document (even if in theory it should no longer be called that but “registration certificate”) has a cost which, in average, is around 45 euros per fiscal horsepower (CV), the latter depending on the region. The government offers, on the site, a simulator which allows you to estimate the cost of the latter, which you must then pay on the site of the ANTS, the National Agency for Secured Documents.

About twenty patterns taken into account: the simulator is complete

The simulator is rather complete, since it takes into account about twenty possible approaches. These include requests for:

  • first registration in France of a vehicle,
  • registration of a used vehicle (change of certificate holder),
  • address change,
  • addition or deletion of another owner (except spouse),
  • change of marital status,
  • change of corporate name of a company or association,
  • passage in a collector’s vehicle,
  • inheritance (excluding widowhood) of a vehicle, etc.

Once you have selected your reason, the simulator may in particular ask you for multiple information associated with the registration certificate, such as the type of vehicle or your department if your request concerns a simple change of address. For more complete applications (registration of a new or used vehicle), you will have to provide:

  • the type of vehicle,
  • the date of circulation (mention B of the card),
  • the national administrative power (P.6),
  • or the type of fuel or energy (P.3).
new vehicle gray card simulator © Clubic

Some of the information requested if you want to know the cost of your gray card when buying a new vehicle © Clubic screenshot

The simulator provides details of the cost of the registration certificate

To go to the end of the process, we simulated the purchase in France of a passenger vehicle (a passenger car) of 5 HP, running on gasoline, with a CO2 emission rate2 of 100 g/km, a weight of 1,050 kg and a purchase price of 10,000 euros, specifying that we live in the Rhône department. We obtained an estimated cost of our registration certificate at 228.76 euros.

Rather interesting, the simulation gives us the details of the cost of the certificate, which, let’s remember, is made up of 4 taxes and a fee. Here is the breakdown of our gray card:

  • 215 euros regional tax,
  • 11 euros fixed tax (the amount is the same for everyone),
  • 2.75 euros routing fee.

© Screenshot Clubic

Of course, the result displayed by the simulator is only an estimate, based on the information provided by the Internet user. ” The final amount of the gray card will indeed be fixed by the department responsible for registrations. “Recalls the government site.

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