how much will we have to be at the table at Christmas according to the government?

For the Christmas and New Year's meals, the government recommends not to exceed six people at the table, "not including the children".

"It seems reasonable to us to recommend a gauge of six adults, without counting the children", said Prime Minister Jean Castex, Thursday, December 3, 2020, during a press conference. He added that children should not be counted, reports Europe1. So choose your guests well. Not mandatory, this measure remains strongly encouraged to counter the spread of the coronavirus during this lifting of confinement. For the Christmas and New Year's meals, the curfew will be stopped exceptionally. But despite this impression of freedom, Jean Castex insists: "We will have to respect barrier gestures and always take care to protect the most vulnerable, in particular our elders".

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Festive meals in small groups

The head of government also recalled that "most of our European neighbors have set a maximum number of guests to gather for these New Years Eve parties, ranging from 6 to 10 people, excluding children, depending on the country". With our German friends, family and friends reunions will be limited to ten people from December 23 to January 1. Children under 14 will not be included in this measurement. In the UK, three different households will be able to share the traditional Glass of Friendship in one place and only for a period of up to five days, from December 23 to 27. And in Spain, the limit should be set at six people maximum.

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