how often should the ears of children and babies be cleaned?

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Not always easy when you are a young parent to have the right gestures for the toilet of your baby. Even more when it comes to the ears, such a delicate area. When should they be cleaned and above all how? Follow the guide.

No matter how well we prepare, the children make a crashing into our lives and also arouse a lot of anxiety: am I doing everything that is necessary for my baby? Am I doing it right? And, in this register, the daily bath ritual serves as a rite of passage. A ritual that we practice with care from the first days in the maternity ward, following step by step the recommendations from midwives. The bath, finally right after, is clearly the best time to clean the baby’s ears. Soothed, relaxed, he or she will have benefited from the heat of the water which moistens and softens the earwax.

The secret, once the bath is over and baby is dry? Do not try to scour his ears at all costs, but the wipe very gently, using a rolled up compress (better than cotton which can make lint) which we will pass several times at the entrance of the ear, but also behind.

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Earwax, a natural shield

So yes, it’s true, when you see earwax in the little ears of our marvel, the temptation is great to want to remove it, because it doesn’t look “clean” or because you think that a possible cap could be the breeding ground for painful infections, such as otitiss… But earwax is anything but dirty, and it’s not there for nothing. It does not contain any bacteria and, on the contrary, serves as natural shield against infections and germs. Ok to remove any surplus that accumulates at the entrance to the ear canal. But not more ! And above all, we ban the cotton swab : if baby moves too much, you could really hurt him, or even worse, damage his eardrum. Same instructions for older children… but not always cautious.

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