how often to wash your hats?

The hat is one of the fashion items that we wear a lot in winter. But when should you wash it to keep it as long as possible?

THE cap, like other winter accessories, is not only useful for protecting yourself from the cold. In fact, it also makes a winter look more trendy and more original. We love colorful hats, in red for example, the most fashionable shade of the year 2024, but also in pink which has not said its last word. Patterned hats are also very popular if you like originality. To stay warm, it is important to choose the right hat. A piece in cashmere or wool is perfect because they are two materials that are particularly warm. But, just like the scarf or gloves, you have to wash it more often than you actually do. For what ? Because by protecting the head, the hat is either in contact with the hair or with the scalp, which is particularly sensitive for some people. Wearing a hat can make your hair greasy faster and damage your skin if you don’t wash it. Indeed, it is often dirty because of dead skin, sebum, but also dust. So, you have to wash it frequently.

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How and how often to wash your hat?

To have a clean room and protect your skin and hair, we advise you to wash it at least once a month (when you wear it obviously, not in summer). Of course, this may vary depending on how often you wear it. If you put it on every day, you can wash it once every three weeks. How to clean it? It all depends on the model you have chosen. In fact, a polyester hat does not wash like a cashmere hat. If your hat is wool or cashmere, pour lukewarm water into a basin, use wool detergent and let the hat soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, rinse the cap and squeeze it gently to remove excess water, avoiding twisting or twisting it as this could deform it. To dry properly, lay it flat on a clean towel. If your hat is made of polyester and its label allows machine washing, then go for it, it is much faster and more practical!

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