How real is WLTP? – Ten Stromers in the range check on the highway

Range and consumption information for cars is known to be difficult to make and in reality often incorrect. Since the WLTP, however, these are no longer fairy tale values. Especially with electric cars, the range can be huge in real life. A magazine has now compared ten e-vehicles in a real-range check. The result is sobering: the best candidate only managed two thirds of the stated WLTP range.

One would think that the WLTP test procedure (“Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure”) is actually quite close to reality. But it is still a laboratory value that is determined with a standardized, half-hour driving cycle.

The magazine has now sent real drivers in real cars on real roads, specifically: on the autobahn. But not for high-speed driving, but for steady rolling at 130 km / h. At the beginning of the journey, the battery is completely full, after which the testers recharge it fully and thus determine the real power consumption. Here are the results of the ten candidates (all information according to

1. Hyundai Ioniq Electric
Instead of 311 WLTP kilometers, the Korean managed 211 kilometers, which is a good two thirds. Test winner!

2. Tesla Model 3
Tesla’s bestseller is 260 kilometers further on the autobahn than the Hyundai, but the Californians also state more range: 406 kilometers for the model tested. That makes 64 percent.

3. Renault Zoe
The little French is hot on the heels of the Tesla: 250 instead of 389 kilometers.

4. VW e-up!
Clearly one for the city, not a long-haul car. After 160 instead of 260 kilometers it was over.

5. VW ID.3
VW’s first electric car designed as a Stromer has to go to the charging station after 260 kilometers on the autobahn. WLTP specification: 426 kilometers.

6. Opel Corsa-e
The standard range of 337 kilometers sounds good for a small car. At 130 km / h there are 200 kilometers left.

7. Mercedes EQA
For the Strom A class, Daimler specifies the same WLTP range as VW for the ID.3: 426 kilometers, but the EQA stops 7 kilometers earlier – after 253 kilometers.

8. Ford Mustang Mach-e
540 standard kilometers are a strong announcement, 300 real motorway kilometers in comparison then rather not.

9. VW ID.4
The big brother of the ID.3 comes a little further than the compact five-door at 287 kilometers, but remains well below the 522 standard kilometers.

10. Skoda Enyaq iV 80
The Skoda Enyaq is just beaten by the closest group relative: 277 kilometers instead of 536 WLTP kilometers. That is little more than half.

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