How screenwriter Thomas Nlend infiltrated the movements of Dieudonné and Alain Soral

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10:11 a.m., January 15, 2022

The author and screenwriter Thomas Nlend, was the guest of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach in Europe Matin week-end for the release of his book “Les Bouffons de la hatred”. He tells how he infiltrated the circles of Dieudonné and Alain Soral, being “an informant” when he was a “little thug”.

He is one of the few to have infiltrated the extreme right. From 2011 to 2014, author and screenwriter Thomas Nlend intruded on the movements of Dieudonné and Alain Soral. In his work Jesters of Hate published by Grasset, it evokes his entry into their circles. “The idea for them was to come together on neighborhood anti-Semitism, Islamic anti-Semitism and to try to have blacks and Arabs from the suburbs,” explains the author. “The screenwriter goes through several dangerous, sometimes picturesque adventures, until he enters the entourage of Alain Soral and Dieudonné.

Originally from Créteil, in the Paris suburbs, the screenwriter was “a little thug” he recalls at the microphone of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach. “I was involved in petty crime, but not narcotics”, until he was 32 years old. He then meets a policeman under a pseudonym, Antoine, who will pay him for the information he gives him. “I was an informant for an informant, this Mr. Antoine had relations with the anti-terrorist section”, specifies Thomas Nlend. And at the time, “there was a significant number of people who frequented the Soral and Dieudonné galaxy who went to Syria, between 10% and 30%”.

Uninhibited racists

By dint of meeting them, hearing them, seeing everything, the author discovers that they are racists without complex, as this sentence taken from the book shows: “Hitler decided on the super genocide. But who was behind him? The Jews,” Soral reportedly said. “These are obsessions for them,” explains Thomas Nlend. “They manage to reach the neighborhoods through the entertainment industry, through Dieudonné who brought back a lot of people, and through Soral who made videos on Youtube and who was extremely popular.”

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