How Simplébo wants to become the digital director of small businesses

Discover the full interview with Alexandre Bonetti, co-founder of Simplébo, in podcast:

Creating a website can be a challenge for self-entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized businesses. If they can embark on the adventure with WordPress and create their showcase from scratch using different models, this often requires time in front of them, a luxury for those who have to manage their budding business. The other, more expensive solution is to go to web agencies.

Simplébo is tackling this market with the ardor of an ambitious young start-up, while taking care not to burn its wings, its head firmly on its shoulders. This is what emerges from our interview with Alexandre Bonetti, the co-founder of the young shoot, launched in 2015. Sure of his model, the young boss unfolds his arguments in Jeudi Pro, and does not hesitate to tackle the competition, which he hopes to make old-fashioned with his solution which he wants to be revolutionary. “We automate as many things as possible to offer the best value for money”, he explains, recalling that he does the job of a web agency, “but at a lower cost”. Their secret therefore lies in the automation of as many tasks as possible, to reduce costs as much as possible. “Our customers are people who pay to have a top-of-the-range site without taking the lead”, he assures.

Concretely, you have to pay 300 euros in creation costs then 50 euros per month to have a turnkey site, and support services. The entrepreneur who goes through Simplébo remains the owner of his site. The subscription allows him to benefit from the software for modifying his platform, automatic updates, customer service which accompanies the service and allows him to make modifications on demand, optimizations to improve referencing and the collection of opinions. .

Showcase websites

Simplébo offers showcase sites, mainly to entrepreneurs who wish to improve their brand image by existing on the internet in general and Google in particular. If its solution allows to make light online transactions, it does not allow to have a really developed e-commerce site, with inventory management in particular. A Shopify will do more for anyone looking for a real e-commerce platform.

Simplébo claims some 8,000 customers currently, mainly in France, and also in Benelux. Its objective, after 7 years of existence, is to conquer Europe, without skipping the stages. “We are not dependent on investors. The founders want to keep control of the company. We try to be as profitable as possible. Fundraising is not a priority”, explains Alexandre Bonetti who has a vision: that of to become the digital director of small businesses, taking care of all digital marketing services.

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