How Tesla and Samsung will collaborate to better manage their respective connected products

Stéphane Ficca

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January 16, 2024 at 9:07 a.m.


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Samsung has announced a new collaboration with Tesla, in order to connect SmartThings Energy to different products from the American giant.

As part of the recent CES in Las Vegas, the Korean Samsung notably unveiled a connected kitchen powered by AI, without forgetting a new TV “ glare free » capable of eliminating reflections. Added to this is a new collaboration with the giant Tesla, regarding synchronization with SmartThings, resulting directly from the opening of the American group’s APIs.

Samsung hand in hand with Tesla

With this new partnership, SmartThings Energy will be able to connect to Tesla’s Powerwall, solar inverter, Wall Connector, as well as the brand’s electric vehicles. In this way, the service will be able to provide information on production, storage, but also use of energy.

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The Korean firm indicates that this use of the Tesla API by Samsung is part of the “Net Zero Home” project, which aims to make a more sustainable lifestyle possible for all. Remember that SmartThings Energy is a tool that allows you to keep an eye on the energy consumption of smart devices in the home.

Samsung expands SmartThings Energy connectivity

We recently launched FleetAPI, allowing developers to communicate with our vehicles, the Powerwall, Solar Inverter and Wall Connector. We’re excited that Samsung is one of the first developers to take advantage of this, given its leading position in home automation technology », Explains Drew Baglino, for Tesla.

The app also allows you to receive notifications about the energy consumption of your paired devices. Also, Samsung indicates that users will also be able to better prepare for power outages since SmartThings Energy will be able to synchronize with the Storm Watch function of the Powerwall in the Tesla application, in order to prevent extreme weather conditions.

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For several months, SmartThings has opened up to products other than those from Samsung © Samsung

AI Energy mode can also be activated before and during a power outage to store more backup energy in the Tesla Powerwall.

Presented for the very first time on the Samsung stand at CES 2024, this brand new service is still under development, and should be launched during the second quarter of 2024, probably by summer.

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