how the judges justified the conviction of Karim Benzema

It was from Moldova that Karim Benzema learned, Wednesday, November 24, of the judgment of the Versailles Criminal Court: he was playing the same evening, with his club Real Madrid, in a Champions League match against Sheriff Tiraspol.

“He is totally focused on his work, he did it very well, I saw him very calm before the match, and very well during”Spanish club coach Carlo Ancelotti said after the match of his striker, who scored his team’s third goal. “Stay focused on what I like the most”. Karim Benzema, he was satisfied with a small sentence on his Twitter account after the game.

In the morning, the star striker of the France team was found guilty of “complicity in attempted blackmail” on his ex-partner with the Blues, Mathieu Valbuena, and sentenced to one year in prison suspended and 75 000 euros fine, in the case of the sextape. If the summary of the judgment read during the hearing by President Christophe Morgan sounded like a severe charge against Karim Benzema, who immediately appealed, the details of the expected, that The world consulted, is even more so.

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Unconditional friendship »Scope« to Karim Zenati

It is established by the procedure and the debates that Mr. Benzema, in response to the request of his friend Karim Zenati, and informed of the blackmail maneuvers to which his teammate Mathieu Valbuena was subjected, which remained unsuccessful, agreed to lend his participating in these maneuvers in order to convince his teammate to give in to blackmail and pay a sum of money Can we read in this 72-page document.

The judges, who went beyond the requisitions of the prosecution, return in particular to the evening of October 6, 2015, during which Karim Benzema had a private interview, at the headquarters of the Blues in Clairefontaine (Yvelines), with Mr. Valbuena to discuss with him the intimate video, which had been stolen by two master singers from Marseille, Axel Angot and Mustapha Zouaoui.

It is established (…) that Mr. Benzema, during the half-hour interview in his room which he had asked his team-mate, tried to persuade him to submit to blackmail and to put himself in exclusive contact with his friend Mr. Zenati in order to settle a sum of money, excluding any other intermediary and the police. “According to the court, Mr. Benzema” strictly followed Mr. Zenati’s guidelines. “

Regarding Karim Zenati, childhood friend of Karim Benzema and sentenced to fifteen months in prison, the judges believe that he was ” perfectly aware of the blackmail in which he was going to participate to the detriment of a player of the France team ” and ” without hesitation involved his friend Karim Benzema in these maneuvers, who seemed to be best able to convince Mr. Valbuena to give in to blackmail and to hand over money. “

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