How to activate a bank card? : Current Woman The MAG

While changing banks can sometimes be a complex process, activating the new credit card associated with it is not. Rest assured, you generally only need a simple trip and a few minutes to activate your new bank card.

How do I know if my card is activated?

To activate your bank card, you have two options, both quick to implement. The simplest procedure is to go to an ATM of any bank, including those of which you are not a customer, in order to withdraw money in the amount of your choice. If you prefer, you can also go to a merchant of your choice that accepts card payments and make a purchase there.

Whatever your choice, you will then have to validate your first transaction by entering the four-digit confidential code sent by your bank. This precious code is always sent by separate mail to avoid the risk of hacking in the event that one of the two mails is intercepted before delivery. Your card will be automatically activated once this first operation has been completed.

How do I activate my bank card online?

If after receiving your new bank card you immediately want to use it for online purchases, this will not be possible. In fact, online activation of a bank card is simply impossible for security reasons.

You will therefore have to go to the nearest ATM or to a merchant to activate it. Please note that you will also not be able to activate your bank card via contactless payment since this functionality can only be activated by validating a transaction using your confidential code.

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