how to adopt and maintain this haircut?

Are you a man or a woman, and you want to change your look? The undercut cut is, without a doubt, made for you. You still have to be ready to shave part of your head. Explanations.

Are you fed up with your “overly wise” look and want to bring some rock’n’roll into your life? Why not adopt an undercut cut and shave part of your head? “It is a cut where an area, or even part of the hair, has been shaved or closely clipped to create a disjunction”, says Gianni Coppa, from R’Factory in Paris. The word “undercut” means “cut from below” in English. Concretely, the hair around the ears and the nape of the neck is shaved or cut very short while the top of the hair remains long.

As for the length, everyone is free to do what they want. However, there must be a difference in length between the two parts of the hair for the cut to be successful. “This hairstyle is suitable for both men and women”, indicates the hairdresser, “even if it is currently more trendy among the fairer sex”. But then how to wear this cut? Gianni Coppa and Laura, a young woman who has tried the undercut cut, give us hairstyle ideas and their maintenance advice.

Who is the undercut cut for?

Whether you have short, long, straight hair or curls … “this cut is suitable for all face shapes”, indicates Gianni Coppa, who specifies that “the undercut is more visible on longer hair than shorter hair but it adapts very well to both”. Laura, who tested the undercut look eight years ago during a gap year in Spain, testifies: “I kept doing odd jobs. For one of them, I was” azafata de evento “for hairdresser, that is to say, that I served as a model during professional masterclasses. asked if I was okay with trying a boyish cut. I said yes. I discovered the result after the hairstyle was finished. I had seen his exploits on the other participants, and always had the very long hair, it was an opportunity to change! I was not disappointed “.

Can we style our hair in different ways with the undercut?

Yes, without hesitation. The advantage with long hair is that, if you decide to tie your lengths, the undercut shows. On the other hand, if you decide to let go of them, you no longer see the demarcation. So this allows two hairstyles in one! “In Spain, many shaved one side but kept their hair long. Others opted for flat braids to achieve this effect”, emphasizes Laura. “In France, I have the impression that the fashion is more of a” bowl cut “rendering rather than with the wick in front. A version less rock and more romantic”.

What hairstyle ideas with this cut?

Either way, the goal is to add volume to the top to enhance this look. Gianni Coppa gives some advice to women who have opted for this haircut. “In order for the shorter area to be clearly visible, it is recommended that you pull up your hair either in a ponytail or with a banana bun or braided to free this area and that it becomes visible. You can also bet on one shoulder styling to clear the area “.
Finally, you can adopt for a coloring different from your usual color on the top of the head to create even more contrasts. Do not hesitate, either, to use gel to place your strand on one side or the other or to flatten your hair. You will understand, with the undercut it is easy to have fun and change your style regularly!

What interview for the undercut?

“It is necessary to plan a regular maintenance especially for the shortest area”, admits Gianni Coppa. “What I often recommend to my clients who want this type of cut is to have a plan B to cover the area with, for example, a lock of hair, if they do not have the time to maintain it. . It is also important that the shaved part can be hidden for professional appointments, for example “.
For Laura, who has always had long hair, adopting this style has been a real blessing. “Finally, it’s a boyish cut, it can be re-styled easily with your fingers. If you have to wash your hair before going to the office, it’s dry in the blink of an eye. I only saw it. advantages. If you really want a more pronounced tousled effect, you can use gel and hairspray“, recommends the young woman before specifying: “I subsequently maintained it myself for a little over a year with my husband’s mower and a few scissors when the bit got too long. Strangely, it was less likely to get messed up than when it comes to redoing your bangs … The real and only problem has really been the regrowth … to equalize the length again. But when I see the photos again, it makes me want to try the experience again! “

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Good to know: a little history …

Popular in the 1930s and 1940s, the undercut cut invaded catwalks, stages and movie sets in the 1980s. Musician David Bowie is, in large part, at the origin of its success. The singers of the group Depeche Mode have also fallen for this trend. Often associated with the punks and gothic movements, the undercut has gained in glamor over the years. Many stars succumbed to it in the 2010s. Starting with Brad Pitt in the film Fury in 2014 or George Clooney. Since then, many men are addicted to it, especially French and international footballers. Sergio Ramos, Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, Mario Balotelli all decided to adopt this look at some point. On the women’s side, stars like Rihanna, Pink, Scarlett Johansson or Miley Cyrus have appeared with an undercut cut. So, are you ready to give it a try?

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